Trident White

Cleans & Protects Teeth* Trident

  • Trident White Cool Rush

    It’s kinda like chewing your way through a glacier.

    *Artificially flavored.

  • Trident White Peppermint

    After we dropped peppermint-flavor into this gum, we thought, hey, let’s make this peppermint-flavored gum help whiten your teeth.

    *Artificially flavored.

  • Trident White Spearmint

    Like chewing a water cannon filled with little dudes that help whiten your teeth that taste like spearmint.

    *Artificially flavored.

  • Trident White Wintergreen

    If snowflakes could whiten your teeth, this is what they would taste like.

    *Artificially flavored.

  • Trident White Microcrystals

    When we say microcrystals, we really mean awesome crystals.

    *Artificially flavored.