• Trident Spearmint Sugar Free Gum

    This gum puts on a green super hero cape and becomes the Cool Crusader of Spearmint Freshness.

  • Trident Original Flavor Sugar Free Gum
    Original Flavor

    Our parents told us to be an original. We wanted to be gum. Why not both?

  • Trident Tropical Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Tropical Twist

    You ever thought about gum dancing with a hoola skirt on? Well, we did.

  • Trident Cinnamon Sugar Free Gum

    It’s got the spice of a firm handshake and the chew of a gum. Perfect.

  • Trident Watermelon Twist SugarFree Gum
    Watermelon Twist

    We sent the watermelon flavor to a yoga class and this is what happened …

  • Trident Lime Passion Fruit Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Lime Passionfruit Twist

    Citrus flavor for tang. Passion fruit flavor for passion. Twisted for your enjoyment.

  • Trident Dragon Fruit Lychee Sugar Free Gum
    Dragon Fruit Lychee

    Exotic flavor? Yes. Turns you into an actual dragon? No.

  • Trident Bubblegum Sugar Free Gum

    Can something be classic and fresh at the same time? Yes. Yes it can.

  • Trident Perfect Peppermint Sugar Free Gum
    Perfect Peppermint

    We don’t want to toot our own horn, but really there’s no way around it. It’s minty perfection.

  • Trident Mint Bliss Sugar Free Gum
    Mint Bliss

    It's like a minty fresh road that only has green lights and leads to a carnival! Let's go!

  • Trident Sugar Free Gum Minty Sweet Twist
    Minty Sweet Twist

    It’s like mint gum gave you a kiss on the cheek and told you “Have a good day, sweetie!"

  • Trident Wintergreen Sugar Free Gum

    Winter fresh so cool you’ll hope spring never comes.

  • Trident Pineapple Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Pineapple Twist

    Pinapple flavor that's been spun around and around and around and around. And then stopped.

  • Trident Island Berry Lime Sugar Free Gum
    Island Berry Lime

    Stranded on a desert island? You'll want flares and this tangy, berry flavored gum.

  • Trident Black Raspberry Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Black Raspberry Twist

    We spun black raspberry flavor around and around and this delicious gum is what happened.

  • Trident Strawberry Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Strawberry Twist

    We went strawberry flavor pickin’ and thought - plot twist - “why don’t we just turn this into gum?” True story.

  • Trident Splashing Mint Sugar Free Gum
    Splashing Mint

    We built the waterpark of your minty dreams right on your tastebuds.

  • Trident Wild Blueberry Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Wild Blueberry Twist

    This is what happens when you give a blueberry flavor dancing shoes and send it to a sock hop.

  • Trident Passionberry Twist Sugar Free Gum
    Passionberry Twist

    We put passionberry flavor on a rollercoaster corkscrew even though it wasn't tall enough to ride. Ta-da.

  • Purely Trident Peppermint Sugar Free Gum
    Purley Trident Peppermint

    It’s like the mint supernova of the gum-universe.

  • Purely Trident Spearmint Sugar Free Gum
    Purley Trident Spearmint

    As fresh as a mid-day shower, but for your mouth of course.